Universal Diagnostic Laboratories is committed to the highest quality diagnostic testing in the industry. We focus all our efforts with the knowledge that behind every specimen is a patient.

We offer a wide range of high-quality clinical, anatomic pathology, molecular, and reproductive donor testing services to meet diagnostic and treatment planning requirements. We strive to provide accurate and on-time results along with providing superior support services to help our client’s offices keep running efficiently.

Medi-Cal Provider Number: LAB38253F
CLIA Number: 05D0938253
Laboratory License Number: CLF 322706
Laboratory I.D. Number: 95-4477462
NPI Number: 1881736650

Universal Diagnostic Laboratories is fully approved by State and Federal Health (MEDI/MEDI) agencies. In addition, Universal Diagnostic Laboratories participates in the various proficiency testing programs offered by the Association of Bio analysts and The State of California.

In addition to the proficiency programs just described, Universal Diagnostic Laboratories uses internal controls and standards run along with the everyday specimens undergoing analysis. These, together with daily statistical charts, assure the accuracy of results. All questionable, abnormal findings are retested for confirmation.

Whenever a test result appears to be inconsistent with the clinical status of the patient, a repeat determination may be requested at “NO CHARGE”. We normally hold specimens for seven days, so it is important that you call immediately for a repeat determination. If insufficient specimen is available for a second analysis, and a second specimen is being submitted, please indicate the condition under which such request is made and indicate “REPEAT-NO-CHARGE” on the Test Request form.

Expected values may change due to advances in methodology or ongoing clinical correlation studies. The expected values listed in this catalog are those applicable at the time of publication; however, the Test Result form always reflects the most current values used by Universal Diagnostic Laboratories.

Laboratory reports are prepared with patient information, reference ranges and pertinent interpretive data regarding test results. Reports may be delivered by Universal Diagnostic Laboratories couriers, network printers installed in the client’s office or via the Internet.

STAT testing is available for immediate situations and should be reserved for emergency-type situation only. STAT results are available within four (4) hours of notification. If a STAT pickup of the specimen is required, a separate STAT pickup fee of $25.00 will be applied.

Our fully staffed Customer Service Department is available to address clients with general questions regarding test results, specimen requirements, and technical questions. Inquiries may also be referred to the technical staff or the Laboratory Director as needed.

Universal Diagnostic Laboratories’ safety policies adhere to all Federal and OSHA requirements and provisions.

Universal Diagnostic Laboratories’ DIRECTORY OF SERVICES is prepared to inform clients of the proper collection and handling of specimens. It is not a complete list of tests performed in our laboratory or those available through other reference laboratories. It contains special sections on Medicare Profiles, individual tests, microbiology and other esoteric tests.

Since each of these programs have very specific restrictions on test availability and coverage, Universal Diagnostic Laboratories has integrated the use of two separate requisition forms for both SOFP and PE to assist in determining which tests are covered.

Our laboratory provides a free daily pickup and delivery service. We will establish a daily stop at your facility that is consistent with your office needs. Universal Diagnostic Laboratories will also provide courier service on weekends and holidays upon prior special arrangements. Our couriers are trained in proper specimen transport and routinely carry dry ice containers for frozen specimens. Please alert our courier of you special transport requirements.

Clients that do not require a daily pickup are designated as a “Will Call” account, when a specimen pickup is required; please notify our customer service department as early as possible.

Under Federal and State laws, all clinical laboratories are prohibited from providing clients with non-related laboratory supplies or devices. All supplies necessary for the collection and transportation of specimens to the laboratory will be provided by Universal Diagnostic Laboratories. Supplies will be monitored to correlate usage and volume.


UDL utilizes Harvest LIS, our laboratory information system, which facilitates all necessary tools and controls necessary to operate a productive laboratory. The system is highly adaptable and flexible in order to meet the demands and requirements of providers and industry trends.

Provider Services:
Microbiology, Cytology & Histology, Panel, Individual Tests

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