Effective January 3, 2017, the “RPR” test code will be replaced with a highly sensitive and specific screening algorithm for Syphilis. The traditional RPR test will be replaced with a Treponemal Antibody test which will be performed on an automated immunoassay platform. Positive or equivocal antibody tests will then reflex to “RPR with Titer” as a confirmatory method at an additional charge. If RPR results are negative, a second Treponemal antibody test method will be performed at an additional charge.

Benefits of this change include:

  • Consistent with recommendations by CDC and other professional organizations.
  • Decrease in false positive results as compared to RPR testing because the test measures antibodies specific to the organism (T. palladium) that causes syphilis.
  • Automated immunoassay with recombinant antigens further increases specificity.
  • RPR reflex is provided to aid in diagnosis and to monitor therapy, because a positive antibody test does not distinguish treated and untreated infections.
  • A second, different antibody method is provided to help resolve discordant results between reactive (positive) antibody and nonreactive RPR.
  • A more sensitive treponemal assay allows for measureable improvement in the early detection of syphilis infection.
Trepoema palladium Ab 86780 Nonreactive
RPR Screen
RPR Titer
T. palladium Ab by
chemiluminescent immunoassy (CLIA)
86780 Negative


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